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Please go support a good friend of mine Renee Warren-Peoples I have tried every one of her Shea Butters and I must say they are the bomb!!!! The Peach one is my favorite and it really leaves your skin soft...


~Toni Nubby

Got My Renee’s Essence Shea Butter today from Renee Warren-Peoples!! Yall it smells absolutely Divine!!!!!! If you have not ordered your supply Yall are missing out!!! Ladies this Shea Butter is EVERYTHING!!!!! Yesssss!!! Don’t Sleep on it!!!!

                                                                                            ~ Princess Elmore

Took my shower and couldn't find my shea butter I purchased from Renee Warren-Peoples.  I checked the trash can ten times and I'm going crazy, because I know it had to be somewhere in the house.  Then my senior moment wore off and I realized it was in the car.  "Take Me To Heaven" is heavenly.  It smells good, but not overpowering.  It tames the ash, but isn't greasy.  I  love it and will have to get the other scents.


~Tiffani Real

I ordered all 5 scents and have already used every one of them lol! This product is so amazing, it's really fluffy and runs into my skin so smooth, unlike the traditional Shea butter but it's still all natural. And the scents are everything, I especially like the tropical scents.  It's my hair conditioner, face moisturizer, and lotion!!! Love, love, love it, thanks so much for my order Renee Warren-Peoples !️ 


~ChelseyRai Standberry

This is an awesome product it smells good and feels good on your skin!! A men's line has just been released!! Let's support my cousin, Renee Warren-Peoples on her new business!  You'll be glad you did!! The prices are reasonable, the product is amazing and I promise you it will be worth it!!


~Akilah Williams

When you’re gifted a product and now you’re hooked!! I couldn’t wait to place an order. Not to mention, I can finally wear Shea butter after years of a bad reaction from it.

A special thanks to

Renee Warren-Peoples

products! Chef and I have found our new moisturizer! Thank you so much!

If you are looking for a great all natural moisturizer, check her out! Did I say they come in a variety of scents and smell so good!! My favorite is sweet thang!

~Mizzy Deep

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